A company profile is a prologue to your business and plans to inform a group of people regarding your items or administrations. Be that as it may, a company profile shouldn’t simply tell your crowd what you sell – it ought to likewise explain to watchers why you sell it. Making a company profile pamphlet or slideshow is a major duty. ere, we’ll investigate best examples of company profile pages here, to guarantee you’re ready to make a company profile in 2019 that will draw in and connect with the correct group of spectators.

A company profile layout is a format you can use to specialty such reports effortlessly. These layouts come completely formatted with sections, segments, shapes, picture placeholders, and more to let you effectively configuration company profiles without going through hours idealizing the structure. You particularly need to give cautious consideration to the structure, masterminding content in a lucid and appealing way. 

These company profile layouts can be a tremendous help! We handpicked an accumulation of the best company profile formats for Word and PowerPoint, to assist you with making an advanced company profile for your business. These layouts are generally effectively adaptable for sure. The following are the best examples of company profile pages that will assist you with composing and plan a company profile that won’t have your guests promptly hitting the back catch. 


Best Examples of Company Profile Pages

Greatist is a blog that I’ve pursued profoundly throughout the years. Their emphasis on making just the most excellent, science-upheld wellbeing and fitness articles for recent college grads has satisfied enormously. Superficially, they’re an ordinary wellbeing and fitness blog.

Off camera, they’re an all out media startup with more than 10 million guests for every month and an expected yearly income in the 8-figure run. They profit through advertisements and by selling supported substance. 


Nerd Wallet 

Best Examples of Company Profile Pages

A goliath partner webpage that rules SEO in the individual account niche.To assemble a site like Nerd Wallet is each member advertiser’s fantasy. They are the main case of a fruitful SEO blog that pulverizes member promoting, and they’re doing as such in one of the most profitable (and focused) businesses on the planet – individual account.

Nerd Wallet surveys everything from charge cards, home loans, protection, and everything money. The subsidiary commissions for money related items like these can get into the several dollars for each referral, which is the reason they’re worth over $500M. 


Nomadic Matt 

Best Examples of Company Profile Pages

There are a huge amount of touring web journals on the web. Most are close to home sites. They expound on their movements and develop a little group of spectators after some time. Nomadic Matt likewise started as an individual blog about his own movements. Today, he’s developed a HUGE asset with all that you have to think about voyaging. What’s insane is that it’s as yet an individual blog with just a single fundamental creator. Indeed, even right up ’til today, he composes the majority of the substance himself.

What’s more, he positions for almost every watchword based around movement you can consider. There aren’t many single-creator online journals out there that develop to this size. It requires some investment, center, and ingenuity to keep siphoning out substance as he does. 


Nerd Fitness 

Best Examples of Company Profile Pages

Steve Kamb started Nerd Fitness almost 10 years back when he saw that there were a huge amount of wellbeing and fitness web journals, yet nothing providing food explicitly to him. So he chose to construct it himself. Rather than focusing on anybody and everybody, his blog was legitimately for… nerds! The fascinating part is that the meaning of the expression “nerd” developed as the site developed.

From the start, his group of spectators comprised of individuals like him – nerds who played PC games and simply needed to get fit. Today, his image has developed into a monstrous network of ordinary individuals who simply need to figure out how to get fit and have a fabulous time doing it. 


Art Of Manliness 

Best Examples of Company Profile Pages

They are a genuine substance webpage, creating for the most part enlightening blog entries around men’s inclinations and way of life themes. They profit through advertisements and sell items like mugs, shirts, and blurbs. Generally, marked physical items can possibly work when you have a dedicated group of spectators, which clearly they have in light of the fact that 30% of their traffic comes is immediate. 


CSS Tricks 

Chris Coyier is one of the most outstanding architects on the web. What’s more, it’s everything because of his uncontrollably prominent plan blog, CSS Tricks. Like Nomadic Matt, an enormous level of the articles are composed by Chris. He started the site in 2007. At the time, it was simply about CSS – consequently the name.

Today, it’s developed into a gigantic asset for everything website architecture and improvement. I visit this website a few times each month myself, essentially to reorder in CSS lines that he partakes in his blog entries. 


The Penny Hoarder 

Penny Hoarder is a blog around cash. Their central goal is to show individuals huge amounts of approaches to get more cash-flow. It started out as the individual blog of the originator, Kyle Taylor. When it started to take off, he started to expedite new journalists, and change into all the more a media company.

The most captivating thing about The Penny Hoarder is the measure of cash they make, and how they make it. A year ago, they produced near $40M. Also, not at all like other media organizations, they did it with no promoting. Rather, they use offshoot promoting by framing partnerships with the correct organizations. 



CoinDesk is a site I visit in any event 3 times each week. It’s the best cryptographic money blog on the planet, getting more than 10 million guests for each month. It was started in 2013 by Shakil Kha and afterward obtained by Digital Currency Group in 2016 for a sum reputed to be around $500,000.

Today, they’re the go-to hotspot for all news and updates in the blockchain world. They profit through publicizing, distributing paid reports, and offering passes to their gatherings. 



ars specialized when I’m truly intrigued by new tech, I’m constantly glad to see Ars Technica do a piece about it. It was established quite a while prior, in 1998. After ten years, in 2008, it was offered to Conde Nast for $25M.

In spite of the fact that they’ve lost perusers’ trust a couple of years back when they endeavored to obstruct any guests utilizing a promotion blocker, they’ve reconstructed their notoriety by employing smart journalists (the greater part of whom are post-graduates) and writing inside and out snippets of data in the tech world. 


Bustle Best Examples of Company Profile Pages

bustleThe Bustle is a site that I study always. It was established by Bryan Goldberg after he fabricated and sold Bleacher Report (a games blog) for $175M. The explanation I’m so intrigued by Bustle is a result of Bryan’s notorious declaration before starting the company.

He asserted that he would construct something that is never been done: A ladies’ site that discussed style as well as news and popular culture too. This expedited a wrath of haters, who expounded on the many organizations that are as of now doing only that. 


Wellness Mama 

There is a huge amount of wellbeing and wellness web journals out there. Be that as it may, Wellness Mama stood apart from the pack by being one of the initial ones in the space to provide food their substance explicitly to mothers. Another best examples of company profile pages. Going ultra-focused with your crowd focusing on is a very powerful approach to make your blog one of a kind and build up a solid after.

Katie Wells is somebody who utilized this laser focusing on procedure splendidly. In spite of the fact that her blog isn’t for everyone, there are a lot of mothers out there who concur with Wellness Mama’s crucial getting the best data for more beneficial families. 


Thought Catalog 

Thought Catalog resembles BuzzFeed for trendy person undergrads. You’ll principally observe articles about heartbreak, connections, and being a more grounded individual.  The coolest thing about Thought Catalog is the means by which they built up their substance.

As an individual who websites will know, it’s hard to source great substance. What’s more, accordingly, they have many entries each and every day from the absolute most profound, most splendid personalities everywhere throughout the world. That is stunning. 



Fatherly is a blog that I examined intensely. It was started in 2015 by Mike Rothman, one of the fellow benefactors of Thrillist. He developed Thrillist from zero to $100M before leaving to start Fatherly. One of the best examples of company profile pages. There is a great deal of child-rearing web journals out there, however, Mike understood that practically every one of them is intensely focused on mothers.

Furthermore, they often depicted fathers as the goofy one who didn’t have a clue what they were doing. He meant to change that with Fatherly. Furthermore, he developed it into one of the quickest developing media organizations out there developing to $5M in income in only two years. 


Apartment Therapy 

apartment therapy is one of the main web journals about home structure. Maxwell was an inside fashioner who at that time shared rundown to convey structure guidance to his customers.

Oliver, who was knowledgeable about media, persuaded him he should transform it into a blog. Also, Apartment Therapy was conceived. Today, their websites make generally $20M in income. 



the kitchnMaxwell Ryan, referenced above in Apartment Therapy’s portrayal, started another blog with his then-spouse, Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, only a year after Apartment Therapy was conceived.

Sara was a nourishment blogger, and Maxwell took the exercises gained from developing Apartment Therapy into developing Kitchn. Today, Kitchn gets generally 20M guests every month to its webpage and is one of the biggest nourishment and formula writes on the planet.


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