The old-fashioned business card is still as important in this modern era as it has ever been. Dream of the last time you saw a prospective buyer or business partner. Is it better for your phone to take the time to input phone numbers and emails? Or swap business cards? Of necessity, the latter! In this article, we have focused on some of the collection of best women business cards.

These days, we’re all fighting for gender equality. Thor was turned into Thor Girl, too. Women worldwide are willing to show that they are capable of undertaking roles and occupying typically male-related work. In any corner, you will see this tendency, and personal brand name is no different. Our focus today has been captured by elegant and strong business cards for ladies.

The difference is that women’s business cards are no more slender or “sweet” mostly in pink and small-hearted tones. They are genuinely professional works of art that can succeed in the market easily. Let’s take a dozen excellent examples to illustrate this argument in practice.

Not only does a physical business card encourage you to make a private bond when you first meet someone, but it also makes your brand more memorable—if done correctly. This is why we have curated a list of eye-catching examples of women’s business cards to inspire your own and help make a lasting impression.

Alessia Tatulli -Best Women Business Cards

Best Women Business Cards

The professional graphic designer is Alessia Tatulli. This fact is obvious from her business card, which uses an illustrative approach to design. The back and front sides of the card all feature a beautiful fantasy world that does not confuse the viewer due to the soft colouring. The brand conveys the creative style and originality of Alessia effectively.

Christina Gushcheva

Best Women Business Cards

Christina Gushcheva’s identity stands in stark contrast to the preceding example. Her view on the development of a business card is realistic but also superb. While there’s no vivid backdrop to the card, it boasts originality. Her card also has several graphical features. To make the front page look more interesting, Christina uses discreet geometric backgrounds and maintains a businesslike look and sound.

Julia Miceli Pitta 

Best Women Business Cards

A typical example of minimal design enhanced with a typographic centrepiece is Julia Miceli Pitta’s business card. The above shows the artist’s initials on the card’s front side, as you might expect. The backside provides the contact specifics associated with the footer. Using a chalk typeface, Julia shows all that her career is related to wireframing and graphic design.

Yuing Nguyen-Best Women Business Cards

Best Women Business Cards

The personal Yuing Nguyen brand theme speaks for itself, just like the first example in our roundup. It becomes clear from the first glance that this brilliant girl plays with graphic design and adores all that is depicted. The front side features an artist’s cartoonish avatar, while the back side displays the contact details formed into a stunning typographic object.

Elisabet Marreros 

We give another wonderful instance for those who think the previous job cute. With the support of a captivating illustration that adorns both sides of the card and transforms it into a piece of art, Elisabet Marreros is a brand that has developed itself. It also reveals the graphic designer’s playful and energetic personality. Here, delicate soft green, blue, and pink colours set the mood, offering a charming appeal to the style. Elisabet tried to work the data through the scene skillfully, rendering it an important part of the composition.

Ava Victoria

By designing a business card that can comfortably survive rivalry in the world of men, Ava Victoria adheres to a systematic approach. It looks unbelievably businesslike and strong. The front side reads one letter, an A. The backside displays all the contact information skillfully spread across the paper’s 3.5 x 2-inch sheet perimeter. This leaves ample room for the title to describe the technical talents of an artist.

Alexandra Necula

Best Women Business Cards

This business card uncovers Alexandra’s passion for minimalism, exquisite colouring, and vigilantly selected decorations according to her tastes. As a result, we will appreciate a brand name ideal for professional consumers with a businesslike character. The lavish look often demonstrates the female artist’s inner elegance.

Mayra Garcia

This business card’s main characteristic is a dotted backdrop that reveals the graphic designer’s vivid and original soul. The relaxed colour scheme creates a professional environment that meets Mayra’s charismatic personality with an artistic tone.

Camille Loquet

Best Women Business Cards

Camille Loquet tends to adhere to, but without overdoing, the conventional illustrative approach. Her calling card has a lovely pattern influenced by coral that can be used as a backdrop on both sides. While a vivid variation of the pattern is used on the front side, the backside features a dimmed version that helps recreate continuity in style. It also goes well with the lovely typography that provides an overall harmony.

Lisa Amalia

Best Women Business Cards

Lisa Amalia designed a business card with a specific techno flavour, unlike the previous designers in this series. The brand identity of Lisa, as a print and visual artist, revolves around a wireframing motif. Thus, the front side represents the office, while the backside is broken into boxes that express the data in a clean and ordered manner.

Milda Mildaitė 

Best Women Business Cards

Another primer on a piece of brand branding that stands out from the crowd with its one-of-a-kind approach is the business card of Milda Mildaitė. Milda came up with an initial logo composed of two Ms reflecting her full name. Consequently, it is somehow reminiscent of a 3D retro anaglyph effect, except it’s green instead of blue. The history also adds to this dynamic theme. The card has a surface influenced by marble, which makes the design feel complete.

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