Regularly beginners ask us: Why using WordPress is a good idea? Why do i change to WordPress? In case you’re making these inquiries, at that point, you’re at the ideal place. In this article, we have assembled a couple of Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress. WordPress is allowed to introduce, convey, and redesign. A large number of modules and layouts control a flexible and primary interface, which diminishes improvement expenses and arrangement time.

Why You Should Choose WordPress

Over 74 million websites of various kinds and sizes utilize WordPress to post new substance each second. Did you realize that WordPress powers  26% of all sites? This substance administration framework has rapidly turned into a most loved among both web-sharp clients and web-fledglings alike due to how straightforward yet-intense it is. On the off chance that you are considering making a site then you indeed should start an independent venture site utilizing WordPress. If you are as yet sitting going back and forth. Find the accompanying reasons why WordPress merits changing over to on the off chance that you haven’t as of now.

WordPress is Free and Open Source

Why You Should Choose WordPress? WordPress is a free programming; this infers you are permitted to download, present, use and modify it. You can use it to make any site. It is additionally open source which indicates the origin code of the product is accessible for anybody to think about, alter and play with. There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ plugins available for nothing. You can download, present and use them on any website. To run WordPress, all you require is an area and web facilitating.

Open source is a term used to depict PC programs with their source code accessible for everybody to contemplate. WordPress is an open source programming, and anybody can utilize, study, change and redistribute its source code. As a result of the nature of open source, WordPress is a gathering programming.

Secure and Safe

With the fame of WordPress comes the enthusiasm of would-be programmers. Another motivation behind why WordPress is so dearest is the security measures the designers take to save the trust of its clients. The WordPress staff always refresh the CMS, alongside the modules that incorporate with it. Apparently, customers should utilize alert and just download modules from put stock in sources, ideally while straightforwardly signed into WordPress itself.

Themes and Plugins

The vast majority utilizing WordPress are neither website specialists nor software engineers. In actuality, most people begin using WordPress with no earlier information of outlining sites. There are also a great many free formats (themes) to browse, so you can give your site any look you need.

WordPress is super versatile and can be connected by using modules. Much the same as points, there is a large number free and premium modules available for you to utilize. Not only these modules can add extra convenience to WordPress.

Mobile Friendly

Google is punishing locales that aren’t versatile inviting by positioning them bring down on their outcome pages. With WordPress, you don’t need to upgrade your whole site to make it available on tablets and cell phones, since most topics are automatically responsive. WordPress additionally has a possibility for sites to be seen in “versatile view” for subjects that aren’t responsive.

SEO Friendly

Organic Search Engine Optimization is something we push a great deal around here at Webtegrity. WordPress has a few alternatives that enable us to allow you to keep your site out-positioning your opposition in the web index comes about. There are default includes and additional modules that can enable you to screen your investigation and drive activity!

Highly Customization For Great Flexibility

WordPress is popular since it takes care of the requests of numerous clients with its flexible structure, which enables fashioners and designers to make and alter formats and applications. Combined with client created expansions, big business augmentations never again constrain sites.

Our group has encounter broadening WordPress usefulness, and consolidating an extensive variety of modules, to meet our customers’ special requests.

The WordPress Community

Why You Should Choose WordPress? With such huge numbers of clients, it’s just regular that a large, dynamic, and liberal group has jumped up to provide support, trade thoughts, and improve WordPress for everybody. You can interface with the panel on the official WordPress forum or in person at WordCamp events around the world.

Designed For Everyone

Before WordPress turned into a mainstream CMS for site improvement, it was made for non-taught bloggers. Like this, a large segment of the UI parts are not hard to use, and there are created and recorded manuals available for quickly making sense of how to utilize WordPress limits. Our group handles every one of the complexities of setting up and modifying your site; you should know only to refresh the substance on pages, posts, gadgets, and so on. This is one of the reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress.

WordPress is Popular

Given the ease of use and openness of thousands of master quality subjects and modules, it’s not astounding that WordPress is the most renowned web dispersing structure on the planet. At long last, count over 27% of all websites was powered by WordPress. One another reason Why You Should Choose WordPress.

WordPress is Good For Both Your Blog and Your Website

It’s actually that WordPress began as a blogging framework, yet that was a long time prior. During the time WordPress has formed into a full-featured web content organization structure. That implies you can utilize WordPress to deal with your entire site, not only your blog. Obviously, if you simply need to blog, you can use WordPress that far as well.

Easy to Setup, Manage and Update

You shouldn’t be an Internet master or an HTML coder to utilize WordPress. All you require is a web association and a web program to make your site.

In case you’re perusing this article you as of now have all that you have to begin. Head over to and information exchange for a free record. You’ll have your site online in around two minutes. For a little extra expense, you can even host your space name there. is the ideal beginning stage for any private venture.

Lower Setup and Maintenance Cost

As per DeviousMedia, WordPress brings about less setup, customization, and support costs in contrast with other Open Source CMS like Drupal and Joomla. Furthermore, it is less demanding to discover WordPress creators and designers if more customization or improvement is significant for what’s to come. You don’t get secured by a static site or restrictive CMS that is exorbitant to change after starting advancement.

Considering all the following reasons  WordPress is worth switching over to if you haven’t already. And this is  Why You Should Choose WordPress.

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